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Finally more pictures, the next ones are of the trip I did with my parents to Canada.

Find the MAP of this trip here
Overall around 700 miles = 1120 km (but that is nothing...wait for the entry about the Highway 101 trip)

Bellevue WA,US
Anacortes Bay, WA, US
Sidney Bay, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
Victoria, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
Nananimo, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
Pictures 08/14/15 Vancouver Island Victoria

Tofino, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
Ucluelete, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
Pictures 08/15/15 Vancouver Island Tofino & Ucluelete

Nananimo - Departure Bay, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)
West Vancouver - Horseshoe Bay, BC, Canada
North Vancouver BC, Canada
False Creek - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver Waterfront, BC, Canada
Pictures 08/16/15 North Vancouver - Vancouver

Vancouver Stanley Park, BC, Canada
Britannia Heritage Shipyard & Town Steveston, BC, Canada
Bellevue, WA, US
Pictures 08/17/15 Stanley Park and Steveston

USA Part 7 - Mount Rainier Hikingtrip

Mount Rainier:
Mount Rainier is the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the state of Washington. It is a large active stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation of 14,411 ft (4,392 m).
Mount Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list. Because of its large amount of glacial ice, Mt. Rainier could potentially produce massive lahars that could threaten the entire Puyallup River valley.

This again about the Mount Rainier itself...now about the trip.
This trip was a guided trip organized by Microsoft for some of us Interns.
We have been a group of around 25 people, which have been split into two smaller groups, a really good group size!
It was a two hour-ish drive to the Mount Rainier with very nice chats.

Overall we have done three hiking trails:

The first one called "Trail of the Shadows", at the ground of the Mount Rainier, was kind of a warm up trail (0.7 mi/1.1 km loop trail).
Very beautiful with amazing plants and mystery trees...they seams to be enchanted :)

The second trail was right after lunch.
It was a short trip but very steep because the trail was leading to an amazing waterfall, the Narada Falls  (and this time a waterfall with water :) )...

The third trail was supposed to be a lightly difficult trail but at the end we didn't stop and it became a moderately difficult trail.
You can find the map of the trail here.
We started at Paradise from  5420 ft (1652 m).
The plan was to do the Skyline Trail  until the Alta Vista view point (5940 ft) but then we decided to go further until the Glacier Vista (6336 ft) but not enough we just kept moving and were hiking to the Panorama point at 6800 ft (2080 m). Afterwards, we wanted to go to the peek of the skyline trail (see red circle on the map), it was just a 0.29 miles walk but unfortunatley i had to stop after 0.25 miles and wait for the others to come back (just 15 minutes) because the last few meters where to difficult for my already heavily aching knee because it was extremly steep and with scattered screes all over :(
I was very disappointedand angry at my damned knee but whatever today I am very proud that we (my knee and I ) made it to the glacier and to around 6890 ft (2100 m) !!!

We even saw some wildlife during our hike, unfiortenatly no bear again but therefore, marmots (groundhogs), a deer (hiding in a bush) and some funny squirrel-ish animals jumoing between the stones...

Please follow this link for the pictures


That was my longest cyclingtrip so far, 59.63 km, but almost as flat as the Netherlands :)
Okay, I needed almost 4,5 hours, but I just couldn't resist to stop once in a while to make some pictures!
So many bridges along this trail...it was breathtaking!
But see yourself!

Please follow the link, my storage space is already out and I had to upload the pictures to another web hoster.
As soon as I have time I am going to paste the embedded links here, but for now the link to the slideshow has to work...sorry about that but this way you can already take a look at the pictures.

Please click here to see the pictures